Wednesday, January 3, 2018

TIAR Awards: Women's Club Player of the Year--Carmen Farmer

The list of accolades in Carmen Farmer's carrer is long--Olympian, World Cup veteran, 7s and 15s Eagle, national champion, attorney, etc., and now she's picked up a TIAR Award for Women's Club Player of the Year. It's interesting to remember that Farmer picked up rugby in her 30s but has still gone up to become one of the more influential Eagles in the last two decades. It all goes to prove how dedicated she is and well respected by her teammates. That is what got her nominated for a TIAR Award and that is what delivered it.

Farmer (Glendale) received 40% of the vote. She beat out New York's Tiffany Faaee who had 30%. Sam Pankey from San Diego had 16% followed by Rachel Johnson from ORSU with 14%.

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