Thursday, January 4, 2018

Three Eagles Linked With San Diego Legion

There has been little out of the San Diego Legion about their future plans for the upcoming season but thanks to today's Eagles ARC roster announcement we know at least three players that have been officially linked to the club. We already knew that Ryan Matyas was likely to turn out for the side given that he posed for the official photo shoot. However, after the announcement we know that both Mike Te'o and Dylan Audsley have been tied to the club. Both players make sense as they have strong ties to Southern California. Te'o turned out for the San Diego Breakers in PRO Rugby while Audsley recently finished up with St. Mary's. If he has a strong ARC and MLR season Audsley could be the breakout player of the season and the fullback or center option the U.S. needs at the moment.

That's about it from the Legion so far. We know that Matt Hawkins will be involved as a coach and there are strong indications that they will be using Torero Stadium as they venue but little else has been announced while the rest of the team has been busy solidifying venues and adding players. That doesn't mean there isn't time but the clock is ticking. 

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