Wednesday, January 17, 2018

PRP Power Rankings: The PRP Is Back!

The Pacific Rugby Premiership is back and so are our PRP Power Rankings! The teams are still in pre-season so these rankings involved a bit of speculation but here is where we have teams at the moment.

1. OMBAC: The San Diego side take the top spot in our rankings at the moment. They won the Cal Cup last year and look to have a similarly strong roster this year. There has been some change on the team but the core remains and they have been able to add a few players that have moved to San Diego to enjoy the sun and the rugby community. We think they will be near the top spot once again.

2. Life West: Last year was the Gladiators first year in either the Cal Cup or the PRP and they made it all the way to the championship match. Life West have a lot of players on the roster with PRO experienced and without a MLR side in the Bay Area they are probably going to keep most of them.

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3. San Francisco Golden Gate: SFGG are in a similarly good spot. They continually have good teams with great resources. Like all the Bay Area teams they are likely to keep many of their top players from MLR. We shouldn't quickly forget just how good Volney Rouse, Pila Huihui, and the like can be.

4. Belmont Shore: With more time last year Belmont Shore were going to be very good. They always fly under the radar because they don't reach out on social media as much as other teams but they are good. The fact that they can draw from some of the top players in the LA region is always going to make them strong.

5. Olympic Club: There were signs that they had it last year in the Cal Cup. They have several stars on their team and if they can continue to tap into the Cal and St. Mary's pipeline they are only going to get better.

6. Santa Monica: The Dolphins return to high-level play after taking the Cal Cup off. They have always had a few good players but not the overall depth. After a year away they are going to have to prove themselves.

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