Thursday, January 18, 2018

NOLA Gold, Capital Selects Name Line-ups

The NOLA Gold start their slate of pre-season matches this weekend by facing the Capital Selects. Already the Gold look strong, especially in the forwards and in the halfbacks where Holden Yungert and Taylor Howden will combine. In the forwards the team will feature Matt Hughston, Cam Falcon, Ben Tarr, and Sebastian Kalm.  The Capital Selects feature a number of strong players from the Mid-Atlantic like Nick Kuhl from Rocky Gorge.


Forwards: Ben Tarr, Eric Howard, Cam Falcon, Nikola Bursic, John Sullivan, Vince Jobo, Matt Hughston, Sebastian Kalm

Backs: Holden Yungert, Taylor Howden (C), Jojo Tikoisuva, Zach Stryffeler, Tesimoni Tongauiha, Ratu Rinakama, JP Loff

Bench: Derek Van Klein, Matt Wirken, Joey Sok, William Waguespack, Myles McQuone, Michael Baska, Bobby Johns, Melvin Desouza

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Capital Selects

Forwards: Jim Irey (Norfolk), Adam Floyd (James River), Evan Harkum (Baltimore-Chesapeake), Tyler Barberi (Baltimore-Chesapeake), Matt Holsopple (Norfolk), Vili Siale (Pittsburgh), Alex Diegel (Beltway Elite), Josh Brown (Rocky Gorge)

Backs: Sean Hartig (Rocky Gorge), Jake Humphrey (Norfolk), CJ Burnes (NOVA), Campbell Johnstone (Beltway Elite), Brian Mulloy (NOVA), Blake Carroll (Baltimore-Chesapeake), Nick Kuhl (Rocky Gorge)

Bench: Eric Sweeney (Baltimore-Chesapeake), Guy Lopresti (PAC Exiles), Zack Jessell (Pittsburgh), Mike Fletcher (Washington Irish), Kevin Jackson (Rocky Gorge), Zach Schell (Pittsburgh), Calvin Storey (Raleigh), Ted Sheedy (Pittsburgh)

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