Monday, January 8, 2018

Eagles ARC Roster: Position Breakdown

The Eagles ARC roster is out and we've already broken it down by who players where so now we thought we'd take a look at the team positionally. The first thing that must be mentioned is that it is highly likely there is going to be squad rotation. Not all players are going to be in camp at the same time so that will chance some things.

Prop: Titi Lamositele, Dino Waldren, Angus MacLellan, Tony Pupura, Paddy Ryan, Huluholo Moungaloa, Chance Wenglewski

Our guess is that Lamositele and Waldren are only available for the first match or two and then it will be a combination of MacLellan, Purpura, Ryan, Moungaloa, and Wenglewski.

Hooker: Joe Taufete'e, Peter Malcom, James Hilterbrand, Dylan Fawsitt

Again, as a European professional Taufete'e probably only plays in the first match. Look for Malcolm to see good time with Hilterbrand. Fawsitt has been talked about for a long time and is now U.S.-eligible but he'll have to earn time.

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Lock: Nick Civetta, Nate Brakeley, Matt Jensen, Brendan Daly

A Civetta and Brakeley partnership could be on the cards once again. Also look for Matt Jensen to see a lot of time.

Back-row: Tony Lamborn, Aladdin Schirmer, Ben Landry, Cam Dolan, Hanco Germishuys, Malon Al-Jiboori, Psalm Wooching

There are a lot of interchangeable parts in the back-row. Landry and Dolan can also play in the locks but have been in the back-row recently. Lamborn is a known product so our question is whether he sticks around for all five matches or a player like Psalm Wooching gets a bigger chance.

Scrumhalf: Shaun Davies, Nate Augspurger, Ruben de Haas, Devereaux Ferris

Shaun Davies and Nate Augspurger should dominate time. Look for de Haas and Ferris to feature against the likes of Brazil.

Flyhalf: Will Magie, Will Hooley, Ben Cima

Will Magie's chance to run a team might have to wait a couple of weeks depending on how Will Hooley shows in camp. Either way, Magie, Hooley, and Cima should all get their chance.

Center: Marcel Brache, Paul Lasike, Bryce Campbell

If you are excited about Lasike getting a chance you should be. There is also a chance hear that a player like Dylan Audsley, Mike Te'o, or Ryan Matyas has a go in the centers.

Wing: Blaine Scully, Ryan Matyas, Josh Whippy, Peni Tagive, Alex Elkins

Scully will be in for the next few weeks and then a quarter of Matyas, Whippy, Tagive, and Elkins will take over. You could also see Mike Te'o, Audsley, or Augspurger in the position.

Fullback: Dylan Audsley, Mike Te'o

We're probably wrong that Audsley is going to get a run out at fullback but we think it should happen. Te'o has been the fullback of choice recently but his kicking needs work. Magie or Cima can also play fullback.

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