Thursday, January 4, 2018

Eagles ARC Roster: Club Breakdown

When you actually breakdown who the Eagles play for you realize just how spread out American rugby actually is. In total the players that are set to represent the Eagles in the ARC come from 14 different competitions spread out all over the world. That's a lot and you can understand why it usually takes the team a couple of weeks to find their form. All that said, we thought it would be fun to break down the team to see who they play for.

The competition that will send the most players to the team is Major League Rugby with 14. That shouldn't come as a surprise as that's the only professional competition in America. The Glendale Raptors lead the way with four players while San Diego, Utah, and Austin will each chip in three a piece. Aladdin Schirmer will represent the Seattle Seawolves.

In terms of other domestic competition DI will send seven players. Four of those come from Old Blue while NYAC, the Chicago Lions, and Rocky Gorge each have one. It is widely expected that most of the New York players will be playing for Rugby Club New York in exhibition play this Spring and then in MLR next season.

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The PRP makes its return this year and will put three players on the roster. Two come from Life West and one comes from SFGG.

Overseas players are the second largest contingent with 10 players. Three come from the Premiership, one from the Pro 14, two from the RFU Championship, and one a piece from two competitions in Australia, and one in South Africa and New Zealand.

Lastly, the remaining five players are either unattached, play in the BC Premier League, are in college, or play for the Eagles 7s.

By Location

Overseas: 10
MLR: 14
PRP: 3
DI: 7
Other: 5

In terms of club breakdown, as mentioned the Raptors lead the way with four players. Three other teams will have three players on the team. Two will have two and the rest of the clubs submit one player a piece.

By Club

4: Glendale
3: Utah, San Diego, Old Blue
2: Life West, Eagles 7s
1: Saracens, Newcastle, Worcester, Cardiff, London Scottish, Bedford, Manly, Hawke's Bay, Perth Spirit, Cheetahs Academy, Seattle Seawolves, Seattle Saracens, SFGG, NYAC, Chicago Lions, Rocky Gorge, Lindenwood


Premiership: Titi Lamositele (Saracens), Nick Civetta (Newcastle, also sometimes Doncaster), Joe Taufete'e (Worcester)

Pro 14: Blaine Scully (Cardiff)

RFU Championship: Dino Waldren (London Scottish), Will Hooley (Bedford)

Australia/New Zealand/South Africa: James Hilterbrand (Manly, Shute Shield), Tony Lamborn (Hawke's Bay, Mitre 10 Cup), Marcel Brache (Perth Spirit, NRC), Ruben de Haas (Cheetahs Academy)

Major League Rugby

Glendale Raptors: Ben Landry, Shaun Davies, Bryce Campbell, Will Magie

Austin Elite: Paddy Ryan, Hanco Germishuys, Peter Malcolm

Utah Warriors: Matt Jensen, Josh Whippy, Paul Lasike

Seattle Seawolves: Aladdin Schirmer

San Diego Legion: Ryan Matyas, Mike Te'o, Dylan Audsley


Pacific Rugby Premiership: Huluholo Moungaloa (Life West), Devereaux Ferris (Life West), Brendan Daly (SFGG)

DI: Tony Purpura (Old Blue), Dylan Fawsitt (Old Blue), Cam Dolan (Old Blue), Nate Augspurger (Old Blue) Angus Maclellan (Chicago Lions), Nate Brakeley (NYAC), Ben Cima (Rocky Gorge)

BC Premier League: Psalm Wooching (Seattle Saracens)

Eagles 7s: Malon Al-Jiboori, Peni Tagive

College: Chance Wenglewski (Lindenwood)

Unattached: Alex Elkins

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