Monday, January 8, 2018

Civetta Given Three Week Suspension

Last week Nick Civetta was the subject of some pretty strong debate after he was shown a red card while playing on loan for the Doncaster Knights from the Newcastle Falcons. The ball had popped loose and Civetta dove in, aggressively, to win the ball and in doing so made contact with the head of Will Homer who is about half the size of Civetta. He was shown red at the time and now he's been given a three week suspension for "dangerous charging."

Civetta will be free to play again on January 29th which will mean he'll be back for the Eagles match against Argentina XV on February 3rd in Los Angeles.


  1. This ban is fully deserved and it highlights an area that World Rugby needs to clean up damn quick before somebody gets their neck broken. There are muppets out there saying that Civetta was simply going for the ball and in doing so he necessarily had to lead with his head. Bullsh@t!!! He saw an opportunity to smash the scrumhalf and propelled himself like a missile straight at him, at the same time reaching his hands down in a half arsed attempt to poach the ball. If he wanted that ball he could have easily grabbed it. This guy is 6'7 and 250 pounds and he could have killed this defenseless #9. Nowhere within the rules of rugby is this type of action allowed for and yet time and time again we see these so called "clean outs" occurring. This action needs to be outlawed pronto.

  2. It's players like him throwing their heads and bodies around with no self awareness or regard for others that make rugby dangerous. Whether you're within the laws or not, control your body. And know when you've lost and get ready for the next phase.