Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Chris Wyles Announces Retirement Plans

Photo: David Barpal
Chris Wyles has announced that he will retire from rugby at the end of the season. In doing so he will end a storybook career that saw him go from a player just looking for a place to play to one of the key pieces on arguably the most successful European team of the decade. In total Wyles played 11 seasons, 10 for Saracens winning several European titles and English titles in the process. He was also a long-time stalwart for the Eagles winning over 50 caps for the Eagles and playing at the World Cup. He retired in 2015. We have long said that Wyles will likely go down as the greatest Eagle of all-time for his dedication, consistency, and professionalism.

He started his career with Northampton but after that didn't work out as planned he found new life playing for the Eagles 7s and the Eagles. After strong performances for the U.S. he landed a contract with Saracens where he blossomed alongside the club. In many regards Wyles has been the face of Saracens through numerous changes over the last decade. It is well worth reading some of the praise that has come in for Wyles.

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For all of his accolades the thing that stands out about Wyles was his strengths as a person. He was the perfect leader for both the Eagles and Saracens. He not only led by example but he was a great communicator and someone everyone wanted to be around. From a personal standpoint, he was one of the few Eagles that would remember my name even though we only met a few times. It was an example of the typical dedication Wyles has put to everything he has done. Hopefully now that he is retired the Eagles can find a way to use him more.

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In speaking with the Saracens website Wyles said:  “It’s been an incredibly tough decision to make. There was an opportunity to continue my time at Saracens but it feels like now is the perfect time to step away from rugby and turn my attention full time to Wolfpack Lager.

"I’d like to thank Saracens for the huge amount of support they have given me and my family throughout the years. If it weren’t for the backing of the club, Wolfpack Lager would not be in the position it is today. While it’s going to be hard moving on from rugby the support Saracens have given me means the transition will hopefully be a smooth one.

“Saracens is a special and unique club that I will undoubtedly miss. An occasion like our trip to Verbier sums it all up. Time spent together skiing, enjoying the mountains and getting to really know each other led to memories that will last a lifetime. Having the opportunity to then play with such great guys and talented players week in week out has been a privilege.

“My time at Saracens would not have been the same without the fantastic support of the Sarries fans. I’m eternally grateful to them for everything they have given me over my time here and the club wouldn’t be where we are without them. I’d also like to thank those who brought me to Saracens, my teammates and the coaching staff – particularly Mark McCall and Nigel Wray.”

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