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Spring/Summer 2018 Schedule

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Now that the PRP and MLR schedules are out we thought we'd take a look at see what the first half of 2018 is like. Off the top it's going to be busy. Between the men's and women's Sevens Series, the ARC and June internationals, the PRP, MLR, the CRC, there is a lot of rugby. That's not even counting the U.S.A. Rugby college and club playoffs or any other big matches on the docket.

It all starts in the last week of January with the Sydney 7s before the Eagles open up their ARC campaign in Los Angeles. The PRP then begins on February 10th. It's actually amazing how much the PRP and MLR seasons do not overlap. There is only one week of overlap in regular season play while the finals will overlap with the second week of MLR.

The summer then begins with the CRC in the first week of June (probably when the club championships will take place or around then) before there is a full slate of internationals. The U.S. will take on Scotland during this time.

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January 26-28th

Sydney 7s (Men/Women)

February 3rd (Home team first)

Eagles vs. Argentina (ARC)/Stormers vs. Lions (Super Rugby pre-season)--Los Angeles

Hamilton 7s (Men)

February 10th

Eagles vs. Canada (ARC)--Sacramento

Olympic Club vs. OMBAC
Life West vs. Santa Monica
SFGG vs. Belmont Shore

February 17th

Eagles vs. Chile (ARC)--Fullerton

Santa Monica vs. SFGG
OMBAC vs. Life West
Belmont Shore vs. Olympic Club

February 24th

Brazil vs. Eagles (ARC)

Olympic Club vs. Santa Monica
SFGG vs. Life West
Belmont Shore vs. OMBAC

March 2-4th

Uruguay vs. Eagles (ARC)

Vegas 7s (Men)

March 10-11th

Vancouver 7s (Men)

Life West vs. Olympic Club
Santa Monica vs. Belmont Shore

March 17th

SFGG vs. Olympic Club
OMBAC vs. Santa Monica
Belmont Shore vs. Life West

March 24th

Santa Monica vs. Life West
OMBAC vs. Olympic Club
Belmont Shore vs. SFGG

March 31st

Olympic Club vs. Belmont Shore
Life West vs. OMBAC
SFGG vs. Santa Monica

April 6-8th

Hong Kong 7s (Men)

Santa Monica vs. Olympic Club
Life West vs. SFGG
OMBAC vs. Belmont Shore

April 14th

Olympic Club vs. Life West
Belmont Shore vs. Santa Monica

April 21st-22nd

Japan 7s (Women)

Austin vs. Glendale
NOLA Gold vs. Houston
San Diego vs. Seattle

April 28-29th

Singapore 7s (Men)

Olympic Club vs. SFGG
Life West vs. Belmont Shore
Santa Monica vs. OMBAC

Austin vs. Houston
Utah vs. San Diego
Glendale vs. Seattle

May 5-6th

NOLA Gold vs. Austin
Houston vs. San Diego
Glendale vs. Utah

PRP Finals

May 12-13th

Canada 7s (Women)

Austin vs. Utah
Seattle vs. NOLA Gold
San Diego vs. Glendale

May 19-20th

Austin vs. San Diego
Houston vs. NOLA Gold
Utah vs. Seattle

May 26-27th

Utah vs. Houston
NOLA Gold vs. Seattle
Glendale vs. San Diego

June 2-3th

London 7s (Men)

Collegiate Rugby Championship

Utah vs. Austin
Seattle vs. Houston
Glendale vs. NOLA Gold

June 8-10th

Eagles vs. TBA

Paris 7s (Men/Women)

Seattle vs. Austin
Houston vs. Glendale
San Diego vs. NOLA Gold

June 16-17th

Eagles vs. TBA

NOLA Gold vs. Utah
Seattle vs. Glendale

June 23-24th

Eagles vs. TBA

San Diego vs. Austin
Houston vs. Utah

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