Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Major League Rugby Stadiums

Torero Stadium in San Diego could be the home of the Legion.

For those that have followed the development of Major League Rugby this list of venues won't come as much of a surprise. However, we thought we'd provide a quick rundown of where each team plans to play in a few months. One interesting not is that in the two cities that also had PRO Rugby teams they will use the same venues as PRO Rugby used.

Austin--Stadium ATX

The Austin Elite are planning on expanding Nixon Field, the home of the Austin Huns. The new stadium will be called Stadium ATX and will seat 3,000-3,500 fans. Currently Nixon Field seats roughly 1,800. In many ways Stadium ATX is a lot like Memorial Park in Obetz where the Ohio Aviators played. Those in PRO Rugby always said that Obetz had the cheapest field because there wasn't really any rent. That many not be the case here but it still should be a little cheaper.

Glendale--Infinity Park

Infinity Park is obviously the most well-know of all the stadiums. Opened in 2007 it has been the home of American rugby for the last decade. It can hold 5,000 fans and has hosted Eagles matches, England training camp, numerous club and college championships, and the RugbyTown 7s.

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Houston--Constellation Field

(UPDATE: The SaberCats are only using Constellation Field for their pre-season matches before moving into their own facility.) Constellation Field will be the biggest stadium in MLR but at the same time is one of the most professional. Only a few others, like Infinity Park, will have the same type of built in amenities. While primarily a baseball stadium it has hosted a number of other events in the past. For baseball it holds 7,500 fans.

NOLA Gold--Shaw High School Stadium

Like Austin, the NOLA Gold are expanding on an existing field. They will be working with Shaw High School on their new stadium. NOLA Gold owner Tim Falcon has been the coach of the Shaw HS team in the past. According to reports the first part of the stadium will house 2,500 fans. Additionally, it is close to the Gold's training field, gym, and club house.

San Diego--Torero Stadium?

The question mark on this one comes because this is the only venue we haven't been able to somewhat affirmably pin down. The rumblings are that they are using Torero Stadium and if they are it's a good choice. The stadium is now familiar with rugby with the San Diego Breakers playing there along with the Eagles.

Seattle--Starfire Stadium

The Seawolves will be playing at Starfire Stadium in Tukwila, 15 minutes south of downtown Seattle (if there is no traffic otherwise an hour and there is always traffic). The facility has mainly been home to various Seattle soccer teams over the years as well as hosting the Club 7s Nationals a few years back. That event got a big crowd in comparison to similar events and the Seawolves are hoping that is a good sign. The stadium, which has cover on half of it, holds 4,500 fans. Parking can be tough at the venue, however.

Utah--Zions Bank Stadium

The Warriors are going to play in the Cadillac of MLR stadiums. The brand new facility is on the grounds of Real Salt Lake's new massive training center in the southern part of the Salt Lake Valley. Zions Bank Stadium will hold 5,000 fans, mostly covered, and will be shared with the Real Monarchs and the Utah Royals soccer teams.


  1. At this point, the lack of info released by San Diego is infuriating. I get they're trying to get their ducks in a row, but I feel like they're hurting themselves and the league with all this secrecy.The only semblance of a roster they've released was the uniform photo shoot,and that was one dude. I'm not sure what their angle is here.

    1. According to a twitter exchange they'll be making a swathe of announcements in the new year.