Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Capital Selects Name Team To Play NOLA Gold

The Capital Selects are going to be very active at the start of the new year with a couple of matches against Major League Rugby teams. One of the teams they will face is the NOLA Gold and the Capital Selects have named their squad for that match. It includes a broad swatch of players from across the Mid-Atlantic with some strong representation from Rocky Gorge, Norfolk, and Baltimore-Chesapeake.

The Selects will play the NOLA Gold on January 20th before playing the Houston SaberCats on February 3rd.

Forwards: Evan Harkum (Baltimore-Chesapeake), Doc Irey (Norfolk), Kevin Jackson (Rocky Gorge), Zack Jessell (Pittsburgh), Adam Floyd (James River), Guy Lopresti (PAC Exiles), Tyler Barberi (Baltimore-Chesapeake), Matt Holsopple (Norfolk), Calvin Storey (Raleigh), Zach Schnell (Pittsburgh), Alex Diegel (Beltway Elite), Josh Brown (Rocky Gorge), Mike Fletcher (Washington Irish)

Backs: Eric Sweeney (Baltimore-Chesapeake), Jake Humphrey (Norfolk), Sean Hartig (Rocky Gorge), Campbell Johnstone (Beltway Elite), Brian Mulloy (NOVA), CJ Burnes (NOVA), Deontae Noble (Beltway Elite/Rocky Gorge), Nick Kuhl (Rocky Gorge), Ted Sheedy (Pittsburgh)

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