Thursday, December 7, 2017

2018 PRP Schedule

With the announcement that the PRP is returning for a fourth season we thought we'd share the league's schedule. It starts on February 10th with all three Bay Area teams hosting the three SoCal teams. The next week it is reversed. For the most part there is grouping to allow ease of travel. Even though the teams are playing ten matches they will only have to fly either to NorCal or SoCal three times. It's possible they could also drive.

Week 1--February 10th (Home team first)

Olympic Club vs. OMBAC
Life West vs. Santa Monica
SFGG vs. Belmont Shore

Week 2--February 17th

Santa Monica vs. SFGG
OMBAC vs. Life West
Belmont Shore vs. Olympic Club

Week 3--February 24th

Olympic Club vs. Santa Monica
SFGG vs. Life West
Belmont Shore vs. OMBAC

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BYE (Vegas 7s)--March 3rd

Week 4--March 10th

Life West vs. Olympic Club
Santa Monica vs. Belmont Shore

Week 5--March 17th

SFGG vs. Olympic Club
OMBAC vs. Santa Monica
Belmont Shore vs. Life West

Week 6--March 24th

Santa Monica vs. Life West
OMBAC vs. Olympic Club
Belmont Shore vs. SFGG

Week 7--March 31st

Olympic Club vs. Belmont Shore
Life West vs. OMBAC
SFGG vs. Santa Monica

Week 8--April 7th

Santa Monica vs. Olympic Club
Life West vs. SFGG
OMBAC vs. Belmont Shore

Week 9--April 14th

Olympic Club vs. Life West
Belmont Shore vs. Santa Monica

BYE--April 21st

Week 10--April 28th

Olympic Club vs. SFGG
Life West vs. Belmont Shore
Santa Monica vs. OMBAC

Finals--May 5th

Southern California

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