Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Who Will Start For The Eagles Against Georgia?

The Eagles are coming off their large win over Germany. Things get more difficult this week as they head to Georgia to take on the Lelos. The team will be bolstered by the fact that Dylan Fawsitt and Samu Manoa are into the squad this week. With all of that in mind we offer our prediction on who is starting.

Prop: Taufete'e, Waldren, Kilifi, Ryan

The introduction of Fawsitt could force some changes in the props. With Fawsitt the Eagles have three capable props on the roster--Fawsitt, Joe Taufete'e, and Peter Malcolm. It seems unlikely that they would call in Fawsitt if they weren't going to use him. That could mean that Taufete'e slides down to prop. In many ways that makes some sense. Both Ollie Kilifi and Dino Waldren did well against Germany but Georgia are a completely different animal, especially at the scrum. Having Taufete'e plays prop puts out arguably your best scrummaging front row. That said, it's a tough ask for Taufete'e to play prop against Georgia.

If Taufete'e starts we also think that Dino Waldren gets the nod. He was good all around the pitch last Saturday. On offense he was good and in the scrum he was solid. We have Ollie Kilifi and Paddy Ryan on the bench with Huluholo Moungaloa missing out.

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Hooker: Peter Malcolm, Dylan Fawsitt

With Taufete'e starting at prop it seems like Peter Malcolm will get the nod here. With less than a week in camp it would be unlikely for Fawsitt to start.

Lock: Peterson, Civetta, Dolan

Like last week things could change here depending on what happens in the back-row. However, we think that it's Greg Peterson and Nick Civetta start once again. That partnership worked great and it provides plenty of beef that will be needed against Georgia. They were also strong in set pieces. The more we think about it the more we can see this as the starting partnership at the World Cup. As a back-up Cam Dolan can provide plenty of cover as can Ben Landry if he starts at flanker.

Back-row: Landry, Lamborn, Manoa, Durutalo

The big question here is what to do with Samu Manoa. He is such a talent that it seems foolish to leave him out of the line-up. However, he hasn't been in camp as long as the rest of the team. We still think he starts at No. 8. Tony Lamborn and Landry started at the flankers last week. We think that Lamborn starts once again as does Landry. Andrew Durutalo, who did so well last week, comes off the bench to provide some much needed second half energy.

Scrumhalf: Davies, Augspurger

Davies was solid last week after a shaky start and there is no reason why he shouldn't start against Georgia. The fact that Augspurger is so versatile hurts his starting chances in many ways.

Flyhalf: MacGinty

Yep, this is MacGinty's spot and it would be very surprising if someone else started against here.

Center: Campbell, Brache

Maybe, maybe someone else starts in the centers but we don't think so. Bryce Campbell will provide plenty of muscle against Georgia while Brache had his best game in an Eagles jersey against Germany. JP Eloff could play here and even Will Magie but Campbell and Brache are the logical choices.

Wing: Matyas, Scully

Blaine Scully is the first name on the team sheet and Ryan Matyas was very good against Germany. No reason to change things up.

Fullback: Magie

This is the only spot we think makes a change. Georgians are much better kickers than Germany and Mikey Te'o hasn't exactly shined in that department. Enter Will Magie. He has a great boot and could be a natural filler at fullback. Te'o could also provide energy off the bench.

Here's who we have (and are almost certainly wrong):

1. Taufete'e
2. Malcolm
3. Landry
4. Civetta
5. Peterson
6. Landry
7. Lamborn
8. Manoa
9. Davies
10. MacGinty
11. Matyas
12. Campbell
13. Braches
14. Scully
15. Magie

16. Fawsitt
17. Ryan
18. Kilifi
19. Dolan
20. Durutalo
21. Augspurger
22. Eloff
23. Te'o

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