Monday, November 20, 2017

Seattle Saracens Heating Up

After a sluggish start the Seattle Saracens are continuing to creep up the standings with positive results. Their latest result was a 36-20 win over James Bay. Seattle had to make the trip over to Vancouver Island for the match, which is never easy but they were able to find the energy to finish it out. The match was relatively even for most of the match with it within two at 22-20 with just twenty minutes to go. That's when Seattle began to pull away with a couple of late tries. The reserve team lost 32-15.

With the win Seattle are now seventh in the standings and have the hope of moving up even more as the season progresses. Given where they were at the start of the season it's an improvement. Seattle are only two points behind James Bay for sixth place but are also only two points ahead of Meraloma.

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