Monday, November 13, 2017

Ontario Arrows Launch Logo, 2018 Schedule

Major League Rugby is going to have seven teams next year but that doesn't mean there aren't more preparing to enter in 2019. One of those groups is the Ontario Arrows who recently launched their new logo and plans for the Spring of 2018. The team is going to be based in and around Toronto and has matches set against the Houston SaberCats, Utah Warriors, and New York City RC for next year. At least one match against Houston is scheduled for March 3rd. No word yet on the other matches. New York City RC is another team aiming to join the competition in 2019.

The Arrows are a for-profit version of the Ontario Blues with many of the same people running the Blues that are running the Arrows. The Blues have been arguably the top non-national team in North America over the last few years only losing out on their CRC title this season. They have also won many matches against top American clubs.

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