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Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Germany

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The Eagles take on Germany for the first time today as they open their November tour of Europe. The match is live on The Rugby Channel. You can check out our preview here.

U.S. Line-up

Forwards: Ollie Kilifi, Joe Taufete'e, Dino Waldren, Greg Peterson, Nick Civetta, Ben Landry, Tony Lamborn, Andrew Durutalo; Backs: Shaun Davies, AJ MacGinty, Ryan Matyas, Bryce Campbell, Marcel Brache, Blaine Scully (C), Mike Te'o; Bench: Peter Malcolm, Huluholo Moungoloa, Paddy Ryan, Cam Dolan, John Quill, Nate Augspurger, Will Magie, JP Eloff

Germany Line-up

Forwards: Julius Nostadt, Dasch Barber, Samy Fuchsel, Michael Poppmeier, Eric Marcs, Sebastian Ferreira, Jaco Otto, Ayron Schramm; Backs: Sean Armstrong, Christopher Hilsenbeck, Mathieu Docau, Raynor Parkinson, Wynston Cameron-Dow, Marcel Coetzee, Hagen Schulte; Bench: Mikael Tyumenev, Anthony Dickinson, Jorn Schroder, Marcel Henn, Adam Preocanin, Steffen Liebig, Pierre Mathurin, Jamie Murphy

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Pre-game: The Eagles are strong favorites in this one but Germany are an ever improving side. It could be close early with the Eagles pulling away late.
Pre-game: Anthems are up.
0: And w'ere underway!
1: In the first line out it's clear the U.S. have a massive size advantage.
3: First scrum and it's a stalemate. Germans are out on the attack.
5: There is Andrew Durutalo stealing the ball and the breakdown and earning a penalty. MacGinty going for the posts. That is why Durutalo is starting. He is so, so good at the breakdown. MacGinty's kick is no good. Still 0-0.
8: Eagles; keeping good pressure on Germany. Back and forth across the pitch stuff but Germany push the U.S. into touch at the 22.
10: Through ten minutes the Eagles look like a team that has had less than a week in camp. The timing is not there.
12: Try Germany! Davies makes a mess of the ball at the breakdown. The ball was out and Germany make a big hit on Davies. It dislodges the ball and Schramm goes a few meters for the try. Way, way too casual there from Davies and it costs the Eagles. 7-0 to Germany.
15: Ryan Matyas with the best run of the day so far and the Eagles are now at the 22. Waldren breaks through and there is a penalty on Germany. MacGinty nails this penalty. Good response. 7-3 now.
19: Eagles attaching again but MacGinty's offload is off. Still, despite the try the Eagles have had possession.
20: Yikes. Mikey Te'o shanks the kick after the Germans punt it down the pitch. It's a good think Germany haven't been very effective.
23: Penalty on the Eagles after a loose ball. Germany's kick is good. 10-3. Raynor Parkinson doing the kicking.
26: Eagles get a penalty just in front of the posts. They are going for the kick. MacGinty chips in the easy one. 10-6.
28: Well done from MacGinty to put Germany under pressure. That's how you win the territory battle.
31: Germany try to kick ahead but Te'o is there to clear for the moment. Germany with some giddy up at the moment.
34: A couple of massive tackles the last couple of minutes. Davies was just plastered. Scully delivers a big one.
36: Germany defend well and they force the turnover. Big moment. The Eagles were sniffing a try.
37: Ben Landry wins the turnover and the Eagles will have an attacking line out with just a few minutes left in the half.
39: Scully try!!! The forwards go to work before it's swung out. Good passing and strong finish from Scully. MacGinty's conversion is good. 13-10 for the Eagles. Man in the middle blows the whistle for halftime.
40:  Second half starting! John Quill is in for Tony Lamborn. Sorry, Lamborn still in. Peterson came out with Landry sliding to lock.
44: Taufete'e try! The forwards do the hard work and Taufete'e pounces on the ball after Davies stretched for the line. MacGinty's kick is good. 20-10.
48: The Eagles maul is rolling. It comes loose but Davies is there to cross over! This was the way they needed to start the half. The conversion is good. 27-10. That's three tries in less than 10 minutes.
53: Germany are able to relieve the pressure for the moment.
55: The Eagles are feeling it now. Ball is much crisper and they look dangerous. Germany looks tired.
59: Nick Civetta with the break. Campbell was nearly in but it's ripped from him and lost forward. Peter Malcolm on for Taufete'e. Paddy Ryan on for Waldren.
62: Ryan Matyas try! MacGinty's weighted kick is perfect and Matyas is able to out grab the German for the try. MacGinty's kick no good. 32-10.
65: MacGinty try! The Eagles are flying right now. This is exactly the type of game we hoped they'd have. Conversion is good. 39-10.
66: Nate Augspurger had come on for Shaun Davies. Will Magie is on for we think Bryce Campbell. MacGinty had slid to center for that try.
??: And The Rugby Channel feed has gone out.
74: While TRC feed was out Cam Dolan and Holo Mo'ungaloa came on for Ollie Kilifi and Andrew Durutalo. Also, Germany scored so it's now 39-17.
75: JP Eloff is on for what looks to be AJ MacGinty. Nope, not MacGinty. He's on for Scully.
80: Try Peter Malcolm!!! The Eagles crash over in the corner for what should be the last try. It came from a maul. MacGinty's kick is good. 46-17 the final. Well earned win for the Eagles. A sluggish start but they did well to turn it on. Georgia next week.

Final: USA 46-17 Germany

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