Saturday, November 25, 2017

Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Georgia

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The Eagles take on Georgia in their final match of their November tour of Europe. The match is live on The Rugby Channel.

U.S. Line-up

Forwards: Ollie Kilifi, Joe Taufete'e, Dino Waldren, Greg Peterson, Nick Civetta, Ben Landry, John Quill, Samu Manoa; Backs: Shaun Davies, AJ MacGinty, Ryan Matyas, Bryce Campbell, Marcel Brache, Mike Te'o, Blaine Scully; Bench: Peter Malcolm, Huluholo Moungaloa, Paddy Ryan, Nate Brakeley, Andrew Durutalo, Tony Lamborn, Nate Augspurger, Will Magie

Georgia Line-up

Forwards: Mikheil Nariashvili, Jaba Bregvadze, Levan Chilachava, Giorgi Chkhaidze, Kote Mikautadze, Shalva Sutiashvili, Vito Kolelishvili, Beka Bitsadze; Backs: Vaso Lobzhanidze, Rezi Jinchvelashvili, Mirian Modebadze, Giorgi Kveseladze, Merab Sharikadze, Lash Malaguradze, Merab Kvirkashvili; Bench: Shalva Mamukashvili, Zurab Zhvania, Soso Bekoshvili, Giorgi Nemsadze,  Lasha Lomidze, Giga Tkhilaishvili, Gela Aprasidze, TBD

Pre-game: This will easily be the biggest test of the two matches the Eagles have this November. Georgia are a good side, especially in the forward pack. Earlier in the summer the U.S. lost a heartbreaker to the Georgians in Atlanta. They'll be trying to return the favor.

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Pre-game: Anthems up.
0: We're underway!
2: First scrum and the U.S. hold their own and earn a penalty on Georgia. Eagles on the attack.
4: Eagles trying to get out and attack early. Plenty of possession but not much territory.
5: Without much territory MacGinty kicks ahead. U.S. gain possession and a penalty. Not going for points and going for the line out instead. Taufete'e try!! The Eagles maul goes to work and it's Big Joe that finishes. Excellent patience to make that happen. The conversion is no good. 5-0 early. Very disciplined maul from the Eagles.
9: Eagles are playing with plenty of quickness so far. Georgia are a penalty machine at the moment.t
11: Kicking game at the moment. Georgia finally break out. Earlier scrum the Eagles held their own.
13: Georgia within ten meters but Marcel Brache with a timely intercept. The Eagles clear but Georgia back on the attack.
16: Georgia try their own maul. Eagles stop it. Scrum coming up. Moungaloa in for Kilifi.
17: Penalty try! The referee wastes no time in blowing that one up from the scrum. No reset, just the penalty try. 7-5 to Georgia.
19: Georgia pinged for being offside. Eagles going for the posts. MacGinty's kick is no good. He's 0-2 so far today.
23: The referee is staying active. Now he's going to the TMO to check out foul play on Georgia. Kolelishvili is going to the bin for a tackle on Brache. Eagles will get to have the second penalty on the 5 meters after playing advantage.
24: Taufete'e again! Once again the maul works and the Eagles have success. This time MacGinty's kick is good. 12-7.
29: Georgia use their forwards and push for the line eventually earning the try. It looks like Chilachava the prop. Aprasidze's conversion is good. 14-12.
32: Ref is going to the TMO again. Another look at foul play by white. Looks like a forearm shiver delivered to John Quill. One of those cost Canada against Scotland a few years back. Try scorer Chilachava headed to the bin. U.S. going for the line out.
34: Eagles try to take advantage with a two player edge but Georgia come up big in the maul. Penalty on Landry ends the Eagles chance.
36: Georgia pushing, even down a man. Four minutes left in the half and Georgia have an attacking line out.
38: Georgia break through for what they think is a try. It is. Bregvadze was the try scorer. Nice line out move. The conversion is good. 21-12 to Georgia. 
40: One last maul opportunity for the Eagles. Several good phases but it's knocked out. Georgia kick out for halftime.
40: Second half underway!
42: Lots of phases from the Eagles but the U.S. can't make many meters. Eventually they turn it over.
44: Eagles scrum is under pressure now and it concedes a penalty. Not a good sign to start the second half. Georgians trying to get a yellow card.
46: Georgia make meters. Penalty on the Eagles. They are going for the line out.
48: Georgia commit a penalty on the line out. U.S. get the throw in. It's botched and so Georgia will get a scrum.
49: Another penalty on the scrum. U.S. are warned. Next one is a card.
50: Eagles steal it! Manoa comes up with the ball and MacGinty clears. Georgia retain it but the Eagles get territory. Now they earn a penalty.
53: Tony Lamborn and Paddy Ryan on for Quill and Waldren.
57: Blaine Scully having a nice chat with the referee. Eagles end up with a line out.
59: Penalty on Georgia. MacGinty's kick is good. 21-15 to Georgia. Taufete'e off for Peter Malcolm.
61: Ben Landry with a late tackle. Georgians on the move. They elect for a shot at goal. The kick is off. Break for the Eagles.
63: Georgia win the territory battle and they will get a line out in a good spot.  Nate Brakeley on for Greg Peterson.
66: U.S. catch a break when Georgia take the clearing kick into touch but the throw is called not straight. Scrum coming up. Another scrum penalty. Moungaloa goes to the bin. The Eagles will be down to 14 for all but the last four minutes of this match.
70: Eagles with some go forward. MacGinty's kick finds Brache. That gains territory but the Eagles are struggling to break Georgia down, especially down a man.  Eagles try to kick again but Georgia recover. Georgia get a line out.
71: Yikes, Eagles look like they have something going on the ball falls out of Matyas's hands.
74: Eagles defense coming up big to keep Georgia from scoring. On offense the U.S. are having a very hard time breaking Georgia down.
75: Durutalo is in for Landry.
76: Bryce Campbell!!!! The Eagles patience pays off and he's in for the try. Big, big conversion coming up. MacGinty's kick misses. He hasn't been great in that department today. Just a few minutes left. 21-20 to Georgia.
79: Augspurger on for Matyas, Magie on for Te'o.
80: Georgia kick it out. That's the final. Georgia 21-20 Eagles. So close. Had the Eagles made just one of their missed kicks it would have been different.

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  1. Mate, thanks for this blog- following in Hong Kong. So much better and easier to follow than USARugby's lame twitter feed. Go Eagles!

  2. I only got to watch the highlights, but this represents a solid step forward in results. Congrats boys