Thursday, November 30, 2017

Major League Rugby Announces 2018 Schedule

Major League Rugby has announced their schedule for their inaugural season. Confirmed are seven teams in the league--Austin, Glendale, Houston, New Orleans, San Diego, Seattle, and Utah. The season begins on April 21st and will end on June 24th. Each team will play eight games with two bye weeks built in. As previously announced 13 games will air on CBS Sports Network. The rest of the matches will air on various over the top platforms but as of right now not The Rugby Channel. The playoffs will take place after the regular season.

Week 1--April 21-22

Austin vs. Glendale
NOLA Gold vs. Houston
San Diego vs. Seattle

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Week 2--28-29

Austin vs. Houston
Utah vs. San Diego
Glendale vs. Seattle

Week 3--May 5-6

NOLA Gold vs. Austin
Houston vs. San Diego
Glendale vs. Utah

Week 4--May 12-13

Austin vs. Utah
Seattle vs. NOLA Gold
San Diego vs. Glendale

Week 5--May 19-20

Austin vs. San Diego
Houston vs. NOLA Gold
Utah vs. Seattle

Week 6--May 26-27

Utah vs. Houston
NOLA Gold vs. Seattle
Glendale vs. San Diego

Week 7--June 2-3

Utah vs. Austin
Seattle vs. Houston
Glendale vs. NOLA Gold

Week 8--June 9-10

Seattle vs. Austin
Houston vs. Glendale
San Diego vs. NOLA Gold

Week 9--June 16-17

NOLA Gold vs. Utah
Seattle vs. Glendale

Week 10--June 23-24

San Diego vs. Austin
Houston vs. Utah


  1. TRC needs to get something going with MLR if it wants to keep going. Weekly wrap up show, maybe every other week show a game if it doesn't have the money to do every week broadcast