Thursday, November 9, 2017

Fry Injured, Will Miss Eagles Tour

Eric Fry's bid to make it back into the Eagles rotation has taken a setback. Fry has been diagnosed with a hernia in his neck and will miss the November internationals. It's a tough break for Fry. He was frozen out of selection under head coach John Mitchell despite being one of the few props with significant professional and overseas experience in the Eagles pool. Now under new head coach Gary Gold (and his interim staff) he got the recall only to now be injured.

While there are some in the rugby community that are very vocal in their dislike of Fry as an option for the Eagles there is something to be made of experience and totality of play. Fry is pretty good in the open field and his scrumming abilities have gone a long way. Only he and Titi Lamositele (who is currently) injured have multiple years as a professional and as an Eagle. That experience would have been very valuable. Now the Eagles will look to younger props like Paddy Ryan and Dino Waldren will have to pick up the slack. It's also very, very likely another prop is called in as cover.


  1. Fry is a brilliant tactician in open play and lineout. His scrummaging ability has always been in question against Tier 1 opponents, but he's better than many of the alternatives. Props always get better with age too. He really should be hitting his scrummaging prime. Here's to a quick recovery!

  2. Enter Anthony Purpura as a replacement!