Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Eagles Named For Dubai 7s

Head coach Mike Friday has named his first squad of the season as his team heads to Dubai. It's a squad very similar to the one that played at the Silicon Valley 7s with just a few changes. Stalwarts Ben Pinkelman, Danny Barrett, Matai Leuta, Folau Niua, Maka Unufe, Steve Tomasin, Madison Hughes, Perry Baker, and Martin Iosefo are all on the roster. Only Hughes, Baker, and Barrett didn't play in San Jose. Joining them on the team are Carlin Isles, who has fully recovered from injury, Joe Schroeder and Malon Al-Jiboori. Schroeder was the revelation of the Silicon Valley 7s and if he keeps up the same level of play he is going to get significant time in Dubai.

The tournament starts on December 1st with the Eagles taking on Argentina, Samoa, and New Zealand. Traditionally the Eagles haven't gotten off to the best start in Dubai, however, this year's team has a bunch of speed which is going to cause problems for a lot of opponents.

Squad: Carlin Isles, Ben Pinkelman, Danny Barrett, Matai Leuta, Joe Schroeder, Malon Al-Jiboori, Folau Niua, Maka Unufe, Steve Tomasin, Madison Hughes (C), Perry Baker, Martin Iosefo; Substitute: Naima Fualaau


  1. Fantastic team, and I'm frothing to watch them play. The only bad news is Garrett Bender not making the squad. I think he's Pinkelman's equal and quite a bit above Al-Jiboori, but maybe he's not 100% healthy yet? Love to see someone as explosive as Unufe -- but less prone to errors -- step up, but this is a world-class 7 with Isles and Schroeder set to see big minutes too.

  2. Having just rejoined the 7s program its not surprising he is not back to full speed yet. And I would argue he wouldn’t touch pinkelman for a starting spot. But in his prime you’d expect he competes with shroeder and al-jiboori.

    Side note: Baker also didn’t play in Silicon Valley

  3. Are these games on the rugby channel?