Tuesday, November 21, 2017

DI: Metropolis Three Minutes From Perfection

Throughout the fall Metropolis have been on a fantastic hot streak not losing a single match. Unfortunately for them they were just three minutes away from perfection. Things were looking good for the team as they led 33-22 with five minutes left but two tries from Punnara Sok and a conversion from Taylor Howden gave Columbus a 34-33 win. Still, Metropolis are well on top in the standings with 65 points. That's 18 points ahead of second place Chicago Lions. For their part the Lions lost to the Cincinnati Wolfhounds 31-8.

Thanks to their win over the Lions the Wolfhounds are up to fourth place in the standings just above the Kansas City Blues. The Blues beat Palmer 32-29 on Saturday. Palmer are second from the bottom in the standings above the Chicago Griffins. The Griffins lost to the Milwaukee Barbarians 28-25.

To recap, the top four in the standings go Metropolis, Chicago Lions, Columbus, and Cincinnati followed by Kansas City, Milwaukee, Palmer, and the Griffins. 

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