Thursday, November 30, 2017

CBS Sports Network Renews Partnership With DI-A

U.S.A. Rugby and the DI-A have renewed and extended their deal with the CBS Sports Network. Last year the final was aired on delay on the network. This year CBS Sports Network will not only air the final on May 5th but will also air the semi-finals at April 28th. The deal was negotiated by RIM and will cover the 2018 and the 2019 tournaments.

With the Varsity Cup going away the DI-A becomes the sole premier college competition in America. This year it is expected that top teams like Central Washington, Cal, and Arkansas State will join Life, St. Mary's, BYU, and Lindenwood in DI-A. That is going to create a very, very competitive structure with the semi-finals potentially being matches that would have been finals in either the previous edition of the DI-A or the Varsity Cup.

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