Monday, October 2, 2017

Western Washington Win Thunderdome 7s

Western Washington have taken home the Thunderdome 7s after beating Washington State in the final. The Vikings ran through pool play beating Washington State B, Boise State, Idaho State, Idaho B, and Gonzaga. Even though teams like Boise State and Gonzaga were tough Western Washington still had little trouble. The same goes for Washington State who beat Western Washington B, Idaho A, Idaho State, and Eastern Washington in pool play. In the final it was close but Western Washington prevailed 22-19.

Third place went to visitors Idaho State who beat Gonzaga 26-21. Idaho State are a solid team that plays in the Utah Conference and sees good results. Boise State took fifth place and Western Washington B took 7th.


Pool Play

Idaho A over Eastern Washington (EWU forfeit)
Western Washington B 7-19 Washington State A
Idaho B 0-53 Boise State
WWU A 34-0 WSU B
Idaho State 24-7 Idaho A
EWU 10-28 WWU B

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Gonzaga 32-0 Idaho B
BSU 5-17 WWU A
ISU 12-22 EWU
Idaho A 5-21 WSU A
Gonzaga 26-12 Boise State
Idaho B 0-26 WSU B
WSU A 20-10 ISU
WWU B 12-24 WSU B
WSU A 20-10 ISU
WWU B 12-24 Idaho A
WSU B 24-24 Gonzaga
WWU A 54-5 Idaho B
EWU 7-26 WSU A
WWU B 17-19 ISU
BSU 41-0 WSU B
WWU A 36-5 Gonzaga


7th place: WWU B 17-0 EWU
5th place: Idaho A 10-24 BSU
3rd place: Gonzaga 21-26 ISU
Cup Final: WWU A 22-19 WSU A

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