Friday, October 20, 2017

West Coast 7s Preview

The West Coast 7s kicks off this weekend with the action set for Treasure Island. The tournament has steadily grown since inception a few years back and is now widely recognized as one of the top college tournaments in the country. In many respects it only falls behind the CRC and the College 7s Nationals in terms of talent. This year is no expect ion with some big teams playing. The tournament will be shown on The Rugby Channel.

Pool A: Cal, Arizona State, UC-Davis, San Diego

Even though Cal are sending out a Freshman-Sophomore side this weekend they will still be the favorites to take the tournament and Pool A. They have so much talent and playing so close to home they are going to have plenty of supporters. Even more, many of their young players have good experience playing 7s. The team that could challenge is UC-Davis. The Aggies have produced some very good sides and can make things happen. Arizona State is the wildcard. They've had to do some rebuilding but in years past have had success.

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Pool B: UCLA, Arizona, Oregon, Cal Poly

Pool B could have a few surprise teams that make deep runs in the tournament. UCLA have plenty of talent themselves and traditionally have been the main challenger to Cal in California 7s. The Barry's are studs as proved over the summer. Arizona and Oregon each have some good players and on the right day can take UCLA but the Bruins will be favorites. Cal Poly round out the pool and make it the pool of death. All four teams will like their chance of making the top two in the pool and making the Cup quarterfinals.

Pool C: Central Washington, USC, Santa Clara, Sonoma State

This is Central Washington's pool to lose. They are expected to be the top side in Pool C and it should be up to the others to see who is going to take second. On paper that should be Santa Clara but USC may surprise. They haven't been a traditional sevens power though.

Pool D: Western Washington, Utah Valley, San Diego State, UC-Santa Barbara

We are excited to see the match-up between Western Washington and Utah Valley. The Vikings have enjoyed a strong run in the NCRC taking the conference title recently. They have maybe lost one or two matches all fall. Utah Valley is one of the most underrated teams in college rugby. They have rugby players that know how to get the job done. Both of these teams should make the top two. Dan Diego State and UC-Santa Barbara could play the surprise but will have to play well.

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