Tuesday, October 3, 2017

USA Loses 7s Series Stop

The Women's Sevens Series is down to five events with the U.S. losing their stop for the upcoming season. The same stops, minus Vegas, return from last year. This year tournaments will be in Dubai, Sydney (both alongside the men), Kitakyushu, and the Langford 7s. There was room in the schedule for the U.S. stop this year but with the U.S. hosting the World Cup Sevens later in year the stop in Vegas was left out. It's not as if the U.S. stop wasn't in trouble before then. After hosting the tournament in Houston and Atlanta to sparse crowds it was combined with the men's tournament in Vegas this year. It brought more fans into the seats and more attention but with games starting early in the morning and compressing the men's schedule it wasn't an ideal solution.

Overall, it's extremely disappointing that the Women's Series is once again being reduced. For all the talk of equality among World Rugby there doesn't seem to be the same attitude toward ensuring that they have a full schedule like would happen on the men's circuit. Now it will be up to U.S.A. Rugby to field a Falcons team in Vegas and Vancouver as well as find some supplemental tournaments.

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