Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Rugby Channel Increasing In Price

The Rugby Channel is increasing their subscription rate. The new price of the service starting on October will be $7.99 per month. That's nearly double the current subscription rate of $4.99 per month. However, old subscribers will be grandfathered in meaning, as they put it, "if you subscribed in May of 2017, for example, you won’t see any increase until May 2018." The justification for the change was "to better reflect the significant expansion in our programming and original productions."

The raise in the price will and should come with suspicion from subscribers. The viewership has never been what was originally anticipated and raising the price help covers the gap. One of the issues for The Rugby Channel is that while they have the Guinness Pro14 and a scattering of test matches they haven't had a lot of unique programming. It was originally intended as an over the top service for the Eagles but instead has pretty much become the exclusive home of the teams. That means that whether or not you attend a match you essentially pay a ticket to see the team.

What kind of coverage TRC provides is what used to be available on USARugbyTV or World Rugby for free. That includes the club and college championships and the Americas Rugby Championship. Even now the Americas Pacific Challenge is on The Rugby Channel but free on World Rugby for anyone outside the United States. Unless TRC offers even more content this is basically just a cover-up for a lack of subscribers.

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  1. Time for Mark Cuban to join the board or some other media savvy business person. This channel has set rugby in America back instead of propelling it foward.