Monday, October 9, 2017

PRP Returns, Changes In SoCal Club Structure

Changes are coming to the men's club structure in Southern California. Namely the Pacific Rugby Premiership is returning with six teams from the state involved. Their could be more in time but right now it seems like just the six. Word has it the competition is planning a release at some point. The six teams competition are similar to the ones that played in the Cal Cup last year and they include the five original California teams from the PRP. SFGG, Olympic Club, Belmont Shore, and OMBAC all played in the Cal Cup last year. They will join the reformed PRP along with Life West and Santa Monica. Life West played in the Cal Cup while Santa Monica did not but did play in the PRP. The Old Aztecs played in the Cal Cup but aren't involved in the PRP at this point.

This impacts SoCal in that Belmont Shore, OMBAC, and Santa Monica will be the only DI clubs from the region. They standing in the PRP will determine who goes to the playoffs. With only three teams in DI that mean's DII will be bigger with a number of teams that played in DI in the past, including Los Angeles, Oceanside, Old Aztecs, Las Vegas, and Tempe. The other teams in DII include NAU, Pasadena, Red Mountain, Venture, Huntington Beach, San Fernando, and Back Bay.

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DII will contain several teams that have traditionally played at that level or the DII level. That includes San Luis Obispo, Kern County, Santa Barbara, OC Ravens, Eagle Rock, Dead Rabbits, North County, Riverside, and Beaumont.

DIV will contain many social clubs from the region. There will be promotion for the upcoming season between DIII and DIV.

DI: Belmont Shore, OMBAC, Santa Monica

DII: NAU, Pasadena, LA RFC, Red Mountain, Ventura, Oceanside, Huntington Beach, San Fernando, Old Aztecs, Las Vegas, Tempe, Back Bay.

DIII: San Luis Obispo, Kern County, Santa Barbara, OC Ravens, Eagle Rock. Dead Rabbits, North County, Riverside, Beaumont

DIV: Oxy Olde Boys, Temecula, OC Gators, South Bay Stingrays, SD Armada, LA Rebellion.

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