Monday, October 2, 2017

Phil Mack Joining Seattle Seawolves

The Seattle Seawolves are adding to their staff. The team is reportedly set to name Canadians Phil Mack and Tony Healy as coaches. Healy will be the head coach with Mack as an assistant. The two led the BC Bears to a recent resurgence in the Canadian Rugby Championship. No word on if Mack will be playing but he confirmed the news on Twitter.

The fact that the team continues to add talent from Canada shouldn't be much of a surprise. The BC Premier League is considered the most difficult competition in North America and the distance from British Columbia to Seattle is not long. The Seawolves backers would have had plenty of chances to see some of the top BC talent through the Seattle Saracens.

The team has not officially announced the hires but that should be imminent. 


  1. Considering the BC Premiership the top level of rugby in North America is questionable. Certainly their top teams are among the best, but Central Washington University's schedule last year consisted of mid-tier BC Premiership teams and top level US collegiate competition. They were undefeated in their matches against the Canadians and beat both Lindenwoods; their only losses came against BYU (twice) and Navy. It would be interesting to see the result of a series of matches between full-strength BC Premiership and D1A sides.

  2. Very healthy competition in Ontario and Alberta, too.
    Undoubtedly the West Coast has a more agreeable climate for rugby but the talent elsewhere has consistently beaten BC reps over the past few years (until this year!)