Tuesday, October 17, 2017

More Teams Qualified For Rugby Sevens World Cup

A few more teams have qualified for next year's Rugby Sevens World Cup in San Francisco. On the men's side the U.S. (hosts), Kenya, South Africa, England, France, Wales, Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand had already qualified automatically based on previous finishes. Canada, Argentina, Scotland, and Samoa all qualified via last year's Sevens Series. Now they have been joined by Uganda and Zimbabwe as qualifiers from Africa, Hong Kong and Japan from Asia, and Ireland and Russia from Europe.

There are only five teams left to qualify, one from Americas North, two from South America, and two from Oceania. Mexico are considered the favorites from the Americas North. Uruguay and Chile are the same in South American while Tonga and one other side from Oceania.

The women's tournament is even more near completion with only three teams left. The U.S., Canada, Spain and New Zealand has previously qualified while France, Russia, Australia, and Fiji qualified via the Series. In terms of continental qualifiers South Africa took the spot in Africa, China and Japan qualified from Asia, and England and Ireland did the same in Europe. The only spots up for grabs are in Americas North, South America, and Oceania.

Men: Kenya, South Africa, U.S., England, France, Wales, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, Scotland, Samoa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Japan, Ireland, Russia

Women: U.S., Canada, Spain, New Zealand, France, Russia, Australia, Fiji, South Africa, China, Japan, England, Ireland

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