Saturday, October 7, 2017

Match Commentary: USA Selects vs. Samoa A

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Today's match between the USA Selects and Samoa A can be seen on The Rugby Channel or World Rugby's Facebook page.

Selects Line-up

Forwards: Alex Maughan, Peter Malcolm (C), Angus MacLellan, Matt Jensen, Brendan Daly, Hanco Germishuys, Aladdin Schirmer, Jack Kaka; Backs: Ruben de Haas, Ben Cima, Zach Pangelinan, Bryce Campbell, Tim Maupin, Mitch Wilson, Martini Talapusi; Bench: Alex Vorster, Chance Wenglewski, Huluholo Moungaloa, Brendan Hardiman, Psalm Wooching, Holden Yungert, JP Eloff, Lemoto Filikitonga

Pre-game: The Selects will run out a mix team of young veterans along with some newcomers. Expect the likes of Malcolm, Cima, and Campbell to excel.
0: And we're underway! Nice quick turnover for the Eagles and they are attacking.
2: First scrum of the match and Maughan collapses twice leading to a penalty.
5: Neither team with great handling so far. A couple of knock-ons. Both teams have chosen to kick.

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7: Penalty on Samoa. Ben Cima will kick. U.S. are creating turnovers which is a great sign. Cima's kick is off. He usually pounds those through without a problem.
10: Samoa is a massive side. They are throwing their weight around in the breakdown but the U.S. haven't broken so far. Turnover fest.
14: U.S. pinged at the breakdown. Pick and go is working for them. Not at lot of yards at once but slowly wearing the U.S. down. The kick is good from Samoa. 3-0. AukusoFruean with the kick.
16: Try Samoa! They kick ahead from Fruean and it bounces up into the hands of La'aloi Leilua who goes the rest of the way for the score. Conversion is good. 10-0 to Samoa. That's ten points in three minutes.
18: U.S. with a good attacking line out chance but they get isolated and Samoa turn it over to clear.
21: Selects with plenty of pressure and they are a few meters short. Samoa penalty so scrum coming up.
22: When your captain is a front-row player what do you do on a penalty? Call for another scrum.
24: Woof. Samoa are able to relieve pressure again as the U.S. knock it on.
28: Samoa are in again! Elisapeta Alofipa finally finds a big hole in the U.S. defense and they have their second try. The U.S. has had better territory but Samoa taking advantage of U.S. errors/lack of converting. Conversion good. 17-0 to Samoa.
34: After a bright start the Selects are now struggling to find the same space they had earlier. Those missed chances early loom big.
36: Try! Tim Maupin goes under the posts after some good work from the forwards to get them close.  That's a good way to end the half. Cima's conversion is good. 17-7.
39: Maupin with a break. Came a minute after Germishuys had one. Much more positive from the Selects.
40: Peter Malcolm!!! The forwards go to work again and the U.S. get another after the halftime hooter! The conversion is good. At halftime it's USA 14-17 Samoa.
40: Second half underway!
41: Samoa waste no time getting on the board to the second half. 45 seconds in a great flick pass finds Viliamu for the score. The conversion is good. 24-14. Germishuys spilled the ball to giver Samoa great field position.
42: Germishuys punched an Samoan player in the face apparently. No replay yet. That's the frustration with Germishuys. He does a lot well but he's got a quick temper.
46: Down a man Samoa use their forwards to power over. It feels like they'll be doing a lot of that this half. Conversion good. 31-14.
48: Samoa are in again. Their #13 quickly steals the ball and they score again. Yikes. Three tries in 8 minutes. Conversion off. 36-14.
49: Rails have come off for the Selects.  As young players they will need to learn how to respond.
51: There is number four in 11 minutes. Tino scores on the corner out of a scrum. Conversion is off. 41-14.
54: A couple of subs for the Eagles, including Psalm Wooching.
55: Samoa think they have another one but the turnover was caused by a high tackle. U.S. catches a break.
59: Yet another try for Samoa. With a little more than 20 minutes left Samoa will lead 48-14 after the easy conversion.
61: Despite this score Peter Malcolm has done an excellent job as captain today.
65: Great hands from the Selects, in particular Campbell and Pangelinan leading to Mitch Wilson scoring. Eloff's conversion is off. 48-19.
70: Selects attacking again. Bryce Campbell scores a good try. Much, much better from them. Substitutes have made a strong impact. Eloff's conversion is good. 48-26. Good fight back from the Selects. That's what you want to see.
72: And now Maupin's on a break. He's been good today.
75: Much better from the Selects. They are knocking on the door again with five minutes to go.
78: Final pressure from the Eagles but Samoa are holding firm.
Final: Samoa A 48-26 USA Selects

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