Tuesday, October 31, 2017

ARP: Life, NYAC Score Wins

Both Life and NYAC scored wins over the weekend. Life beat Old Blue 45-35 and NYAC beat Mystic River 75-17.

In their match Life outlasted Old Blue in a high scoring affair. In the end the match was only decided by 10 points but that was only thanks to a big comeback by Old Blue. After the teams traded penalties early Life would be the first to get a try on the board to lead 13-3. They would then continue to add to that lead going up 18-3, then 25-3, and eventually to 37-3 before Old Blue started to make their run. It got close with Old Blue cutting it to 42-35 late in the match before a late penalty from Life sealed the win.

The match between NYAC and Mystic River wasn't nearly as close. Like in the Life-Old Blue match one team ran out to a big lead. This one was NYAC as they took what was a 19-12 match into a 61-12 match with 20 minutes left in the match. They would eventually stretch that into 75-17. 

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