Tuesday, October 17, 2017

American Side Headed To Dubai 7s

A team made up of predominantly Americans will be playing at the Dubai Sevens men's elite tournament. The Kukri Cobra Select will feature a number of players from the Northeast Academy as well as other U.S. programs. That includes Corey Jones, Devereaux Ferris, Jared Collinson, Chris Frazier, Chris Mattina, Quaadir Brown, and Harry Higgins will represent the U.S. on the Cobra Select along with players with caps from England, Australia, Wales, and South Africa (Ryno Benjamin). It will be a good opportunity for those players to get game time and try and put themselves in Eagles contention.

They are going to go up against a host of talented teams including national teams from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, and Georgia, and developmental teams from Germany, France, and Canada.

Players: Corey Jones, Devereaux Ferris, Quaadir Brown, Jared Collinson, Chris Frazier, Chris Mattina, Harry Higgins, Robbie Butcher, Nick Laws, Andrew Murray, Wesley Pooley, Ryno Benjamin.

Competing teams: Abu Dhabi Harlequins, Free Sevens, SA 7s Academy, The Royals, Monaco Invitational, Canada Maple Leafs, Zambia, Belgium, France Development, Froggies, Germany Development, Germany, Ireland, Old Georgians, Georgia 7s

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  1. GO THE COBRAS!!!! Love to Cory Jones from your mates in Arkansas, USA!!!