Wednesday, September 6, 2017

(UPDATED) USARL All-Stars Rosters Announced

Update: Due to Hurricane Irma this match has been cancelled and will not be made up.

The rosters for the USARL North vs. South All-Star game have been announced. The match is important because it will be the last opportunity for players to show what they have ahead of Rugby League World Cup in very late October and early November. Players from each team in the competition have been selected with North finalists New York and USARL champions Atlanta heavily represented. The match will be held on Saturday in Tampa, Florida. From this group the Hawks will be selected to face Canada in Toronto on the 16th and then in the World Cup squad.

North: Roman Lowery (Philadelphia), Seimou Smith (Brooklyn), George Reis (White Plains), Corey Jones (Brooklyn), Randoph Porter (New York), Dom DeFalco (Brooklyn), Matt Walsh (White Plains), Andrew Kneisly (Philadelphia), CJ Cortalano (White Plains), Josh Rice (New York), Mike Elias (Boston), Martwain Johnson (Delaware), Chris Frazier (NOVA), Dave Fattaglia (White Plains), Dane Wilcoxen (Brooklyn), Abe Cohen (New York), Ty Elkins (Brooklyn), Jovanny Perez (New York), Bryant Alexander (NOVA), Matt Almeida (Brooklyn)

South: Zac Blalock (Atlanta), David Washington (Jacksonville), Terrance Williams (Atlanta), Jason Paul Junio (Atlanta), Josh Jackson (Central Florida), Taylor Alley (Central Florida), Joe Cowley (Atlanta), Sean Hunt (Atlanta), Tomu Osbourne (Atlanta), Nick Newlan (Atlanta), Hiku Malu (Atlanta), Bart Longchamp (Central Florida), David Ulch (Tampa), Kris Townsel (Jacksonville), Pio Vatuvei (Jacksonville), Justin Branca (Tampa), Jon St. John (Tampa), Mike Stoelling (Tampa), Josh Diaz (Central Florida), Sterling Wynn (Central Florida)


  1. If you hear of this match being postponed pls let me know....I'll bet it will be