Friday, September 15, 2017

U.S. Could Be Included In Expanded Anglo-Welsh Cup

There could be U.S. teams playing Premiership clubs in the next few years. Speaking ahead of this weekend's Premiership match between Newcastle and Saracens in Philadelphia Premiership boss Mark McCafferty told The Independent that an American team could be included in the Anglo-Welsh Cup. Giving no firm timeline but suggesting maybe in the next five years the competition could be expanded to include an American team as well as South African sides Southern Kings and the Cheetahs. 

Who pays for it and how it works remains a the big question. U.S.A. Rugby doesn't have the money to send a team over to the competition so it will either have to come from the Premiership itself or a private investor. Additionally, the tournament typically takes place during breaks for the November internationals and the Six Nations. Because the U.S. is involved in November and with the Americas Rugby Championship that would limit their top players from selection. Further, many Americans with contracts in Europe get contracts because they are available for tournaments like this when European internationals are away. All of that said, it would give an American side at least four solid matches and would be about the right level for growth. 

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