Monday, September 11, 2017

Toronto Wolfpack Seal Promotion

Given their budget in comparison to most other League 1 teams the Toronto Wolfpack were one of the favorites for promotion. However, a team like the Wolfpack had never existed before. No team rugby team has played in a trans-Atlantic competition before and it could have gone pear shaped for the Wolfpack if they hadn't managed it well. With Saturday's 26-2 win over the Barrow Raiders Toronto showed that any of those potential struggles weren't an issue as they secured promotion to the Championship (second division) next season.

Although the team suffered their first loss and draw in the Super 8 round an extremely strong regular season, combined with a strong run in the Super 8s, gave the team a two point advantage in the standings over Barrow heading into the match. With one round remaining a win meant that the Wolfpack couldn't be caught. They didn't leave anything to doubt with the result.

Next year the team will have to take a step up in play but given their dominance this year that seems likely. They will once again be in a league with a majority of the teams in Northern England but could face a French team and a team based in London. 

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