Thursday, September 28, 2017

Rugby League: Rumors Swirl Around North American Expansion

As we've previously noted there is interest in starting more professional rugby league teams in North America given the success of the Toronto Wolfpack. The side have regularly drawn 7-8,000 fans per match, driven local interest, and in only their first year of existence nearly run the table and gained promotion to the Championship. With that in mind a New York team was muted as a possibility but according to reports out of Britain New York isn't the only team in contention.

Other cities that have been mentioned as potential candidates include Hamilton, Ontario, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Toronto Wolfpack found Eric Perez was thought to be behind the New York team but apparently he is behind the Hamilton franchise. In many ways Hamilton makes sense. It's close to Toronto so teams would only have to pay for one trans-Atlantic flight. However, although a separate city it's essentially part of the Toronto media market and fan base. The New York team is backed by a UK-based group of investors and an Australian and U.S. group are behind the Boston or Chicago team. Lastly, talks have been held with Philadelphia to use the stadium. 

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  1. I personally hope that Boston and NY happen more then a Philly team.

    Union is focusing on Philly right now and it'll be better to have that Boston v. Ny rivalry for league , and it being away from where Aviva is trying to spread union.