Monday, September 25, 2017

Premiership, NBC, USA Rugby Want Club Input

Fresh off the American Series match between Newcastle and Saracens in Philadelphia the Premiership, NBC Sports, AEG, and USA Rugby, Friends of the British Council are seeking more input from the rugby community. By taking this survey you can, on behalf of your club, give stakeholders valuable information on things like how many club members you have, what challenges you face, what you are doing well, etc. The survey trying to get an understanding of where the game is growing by age grades, and which areas we can make the most immediate and biggest impacts.

This survey follows up on the recent opportunity Friends of the British Council provided to 35 players to spend a week visiting and studying with Premiership clubs. The idea is to create something tailored to the U.S. market that can provide benefits for the years to come rather than just a one off event.