Friday, September 22, 2017

Opening Kick

Opening Kick is a segment devoted to bringing you all Eagles and U.S.A. Rugby news in one location. It is brought to you everyday by Rugby Marketplace, your independent rugby store

National Teams/MLR/ODAs:

One columnist says rugby in the U.S. needs a billionaire's investment to succeed.

The latest Rugby Wrap Up studio show looks at whether the Premiership's match in the U.S. was a success or failure.

Alex Goff has some notes from the USA Selects


Rocky Gorge and Norfolk have stayed perfect in Mid-Atlantic play.

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Metropolis and the Chicago Lions are the leaders in the Midwest

A trio of college teams from California have been invited to participate in the Silicon Valley 7s college tournament.

Jackie Finlan previews the WPL week four.


The fixtures for next year's Super Rugby season have been released. 

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