Monday, August 28, 2017

Why You Should Visit The RugbyTown 7s

This is going to sound like an advertisement but that shouldn't take away from the overall point. American fans need to make the RugbyTown 7s a priority destination on their calendar. It's maybe easy to overlook because Glendale isn't the same destination as Vegas or doesn't feature national teams on the World Sevens Series. However, the action is every bit as intense and Infinity Park does a great job putting on a show. If you are about watching great rugby then you need to make it out sometime.

This is our first time attending the event and we could be more impressed. To convey that we thought of three reasons why you should attend:

1) The Rugby. After all, it's all about watching a great product. As mentioned this tournament may be missing some of the top national teams but this year it has a number of players fighting for a spot at Eagles 7s camp and it featured players from the Fijian gold medal team. The tournament does a great job of bringing in teams that have played together for awhile, like the Ramblin Jesters and the British Army, but also invitational sides that can come together for some great runs.

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2) Watch the Future. The RugbyTown 7s has been the birth place of many an Eagles 7s career, just like the CRC or the LVI, which are also great tournaments. This year looks to be no different. Players like Alex Faison-Donohue, Dion Crowder, and John Cullen have put their hands up for selection. Faison-Donohue has already been in camp and Cullen has been capped at 15s but this was their opportunity to shine and they made the most of it. It would not be a shock to use to see a handful of players emerge from this tournament and be on the Eagles radar the rest of the year.

3) The Atmosphere. The atmosphere in Glendale is fantastic. It feels like a World Series event just on a smaller scale. If a fan is looking to come out, have a good time, socialize, and watch a tournament you can do that in Glendale for an affordable price. Getting to the stadium is easy and there is plenty of off the field entertainment as well.

All in all, it's well worth your time making it out to the tournament next year. 

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