Tuesday, August 1, 2017

USARL Regular Season Wraps Up

The North Conference held their final weekend of regular season play in the lead up to this weekend's playoffs. The four semi-finals spots were pretty much wrapped up heading into the weekend with the only drama circling around who would be fourth. Despite their 43-30 loss to Brooklyn Northern Virginia took that spot over Boston who lost to New York 40-26. New York stayed unbeaten and will have the top spot in the playoffs where they will face Northern Virginia. Brooklyn will square off with White Plains in the other North Conference playoff match. White Plains beat Delaware 38-18.

Down in the South Conference both Atlanta and Tampa had relatively easy times with their playoff matches. Atlanta beat Central Florida 58-30 and Tampa beat Jacksonville 42-24. There is a week break before the South holds their final.

Brooklyn 53-30 Northern Virginia
Philadelphia 96-12 Rhode Island
New York 40-26 Boston
White Plains 38-18 Delaware

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Atlanta 58-10 Central Florida (playoffs)
Tampa 42-24 Jacksonville (playoffs)

August 5th

New York vs. Northern Virginia
Brooklyn vs. White Plains

August 12th

Atlanta vs. Tampa
North Championship

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  1. I see a White Plains vs Atlanta final, which would be a cracker.