Friday, August 25, 2017

RugbyTown 7s Day One Recap

Day one of the RugbyTown 7s is in the books. Here is how things shook out:

As expected Denver and Rugby Utah had strong openings to their respective tournaments and sit atop the standings in Pool A. Denver beat a spirited RAF Spitfires team 28-7 on the back of some great play from Kevon Williams to open their day while Utah beat the Upright Rugby Rogues 26-12. The crucial match in the pool came in the second round where Utah and Denver went head to head. In the end it was Utah all the way with a 33-5 victory. Denver still have the edge in second place over Tiger Rugby who beat the Upright Rugby Rogues, nearly upset Utah, and then lost to the Spitfires.

With Rugby Utah taking on the Rogues in their last pool match tomorrow they are the odds on favorites to win the pool. Denver have to go up against Tiger Rugby in what could decide second place.

Pool A

Denver 28-7 RAF Spitfires
Utah 26-12 Upright Rugby Rogues
Utah 33-5 Denver
Spitfires 17-14 Tiger Rugby
Utah 19-17 Tiger Rugby
Denver 29-12 Upright Rugby Rogues
Tiger Rugby 33-14 Upright Rugby Rogues

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In Pool B the Army showed exactly why they are not only favorites in the Armed Forces division but also a team pegged to make noise in the larger tournament. Led by Will Holder and a bunch of experienced players they first beat Navy 36-7, the the Air Foce 24-5, and then the Marines 43-0. The Coast Guard currently hold second place having beaten Navy and the Marines but losing to Air Force. That loss to Air Force could be critical. They are also 2-1 but have already played the Army while that's the only match remaining for the Coast Guard. Barring something nuts the Army will advance.

Pool B

Army 36-7 Navy
Air Force 15-5 Marines
Army 24-5 Air Force
Coast Guard 21-12 Navy
Air Force 26-17 Coast Guard
Army 43-0 Marines
Coast Guard 24-10 Marines

Pool C saw some of the biggest surprises of the day. It started with the Ramblin Jesters scoring a late try to beat Fiji. The Jesters have some American college players on the roster but also have a strong contingent of English players. Fiji, who have a number of Olympic champions on the team, weren't able to put it together in that first match. However, they rebounded to beat the College All-Americans to be 1-1. They'll have two matches tomorrow against Atavus and the Maple Leafs and if they can win them both they'll have a good shot at the semi-finals.

The Jesters have a match against the All-Americans. Both teams finished 2-1 on the day along with Atavus to make the pool interesting. The All-Americans beat the Maple Leafs and Atavus but lost to Fiji. Atavus lost to the All-Americans but beat the Maple Leafs and the Ramblin Jesters to make things interesting. Because Atavus have to play Fiji tomorrow they probably face the toughest road. Whoever wins out of the All-Americans and the Jesters likely takes the second spot or the top seed.

Pool C

Ramblin Jesters 26-21 Fiji
Atavus 28-19 Maple Leafs
Ramblin Jesters 28-12 Maple Leafs
Fiji 31-12 All-Americans
All-Americans 24-19 Maple Leafs
Atavus 28-22 Ramblin Jesters
All-Americans 27-7 Atavus

In Pool D both the British Army and the SoCal Griffins have perfect records. The British Army are 3-0 while the Griffins are 2-0. The teams will go head to head tomorrow. Azul are technically above the Griffins in the standings and can keep it that way if they beat the Griffins in their last remaining pool match tomorrow. That would then mean that the Griffins would have to get a result against the British Army.

Pool D

SoCal Griffins 24-12 Glendale Merlins
British Army 25-10 Azul
Azul 28-17 Glendale
SoCal 31-0 Cayman Islands
Azul 40-7 Cayman Islands
British Army 24-5 Glendale
British Army 24-7 Cayman Islands

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