Thursday, August 3, 2017

Final Field Set For Club 7s Nationals

The field for next week's College 7s Nationals is set. With the Pacific North and the Midwest hosting their qualifiers last weekend the field of 16 men's and 16 women's teams promises to be one of the strongest in recent years. In the men's field there are no easy matches. Pool A is an early contender for the Pool of Death with defending champions Utah joined by Bulldog from the Atlantic North, the Beltway Elite from the Mid-Atlantic, and the Austin Huns. The Beltway Elite could be the surprise team of the summer if they can get out of the tough group.

The other three pools are similarly tough. Old Blue will have to take on WAC, who are made up of mainly Seattle Saracens players, home side Metropolis, and the Dallas Reds. It's important to remember that the Saracens have been the dominant 7s team of the decade. In Pool C it's the Denver Barbarians, Belmont Shore, Charlotte, and Schuylkill River. Pool D contains the Chicago Lions, Life West, Santa Monica, and Optimus.

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The women's field is equally as tough. Pool A is looking strong with Scion, Life West, the Glendale Raptors, and Tempe. It would not be a shock to see the eventual champion come out of this pool. In Pool B you have New York, Philadelphia, the Chicago Lions, and the Austin Valkyries. Pool C has the ARPTC, San Diego, Atlanta, and Beantown. Lastly, Pool D contains favorites Atavus, NOVA, Orlando, and Minneapolis.


Pool A: Rugby Utah (Frontier #1), Bulldog (Frontier #2), Beltway Elite (Mid-Atlantic #1), Austin Huns (Red River #2)
Pool B: Old Blue (Atlantic North #1), Metropolis (Midwest #2), Dallas Reds (Red River #1), WAC (Pacific North #2)
Pool C: Denver Barbarians (Frontier #2), Belmont Shore (Pacific South #1), Charlotte (South #1), Schuylkill River (Mid-Atlantic #2)
Pool D: Chicago Lions (Midwest #1), Life West (Pacific North #1), Santa Monica (Pacific South #2), Optimus (South #2)


Pool A: Scion (Mid-Atlantic #1), Life West (Pacific North #2), Glendale Raptors (Frontier #1), Tempe Ninjas (Pacific South #2)
Pool B: New York (Atlantic North #1), Philadelphia (Mid-Atlantic #3), Chicago Lions (Midwest #1), Austin Valkyries (Red River #2)
Pool C: ARPTC (Red River #1), San Diego Surfers (Pacific South #1), Atlanta Harlequins (South #2), Beantown (Atlantic North #2)
Pool D: Atavus (Pacific North #1), NOVA (Mid-Atlantic #2), Orlando (South #1), Minneapolis (Midwest #2)

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