Sunday, August 27, 2017

Fiji Savu Water Claim RugbyTown 7s

It was the match fans had been hoping for since they met early in the tournament and it lived up to billing as Fiji Savu Water claimed the RugbyTown 7s in a 31-14 win over the Ramblin Jesters. Some of the best rugby of the weekend was saved for the end as each team came out firing.

It was the Jesters that struck first. Finding a gap out wide former rugby league and Baylor University football player Peni Tagive raced past Waisale Serevi for the opening try. It only took less than a minute for Fiji to strike back as Samisoni Viriviri stepped past a Jester and rambled in for the score. The Jesters would restore their advantage as Harry McNulty struck right back.

That's when Fiji were able to turn it up. From the start of McNulty's try Sevuloni Mocenacagi zig zaged past the defense to make it 14-12. As the second half things once again swung in favor of Fiji at Tagive was shown a yellow card for an intention trip. The Jesters tried their best to make up for being a man down but a great defensive play from Fiji and then a fantastic try from Dion Crowder gave Fiji the lead.

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With the score still close at 19-14 the match turned permanently in the favor of Fiji as Tagive was issued his second yellow card of the match. With that man advantage Fiji were able to score another try from Crowder and Josua Vici to blow the score open.

Although it wasn't a perfect weekend Fiji were very deserved winners on the weekend. Traveling to altitude and the heat was always going to be difficult but Fiji and the Jesters managed it the best of any teams all weekend. The difference in the final came down to discipline and the ability of Fiji to capitalize on errors. Final score: Fiji 31-14 Ramblin Jester

3rd/4th Final: Utah 38-0 British Army

Both the British Army and Rugby Utah were disappointed to miss out on the Cup final but early it was Utah that came out with more urgency. They did well to hold on to the ball and were able to score a try in the scorner via Lance Williams. A great restart from Jared Whippy put Utah on the attack again and a great take from a great offload saw Kenny Scott push the lead to 12-0. Utah continued to have the go forward in the match. For the first time all weekend they really looked to have their attack going at full speed and were rewarded with another try from Joseph Nicholls to lead 19-0 at halftime. The second half wasn't that much different with Scott scoring a nice try followed by Nicholls. Havea Unufe finished it off with a final try.

Plate Final: Tiger Rugby 24-5 Azul

In the Plate final Azul opened up the scoring as Matt Hughston fended off a couple of defenders to go under the posts. The teams continued to slug it out with a number of knock-ons but eventually Tiger Rugby would have the better of the possession and equalized through Zack Stryffeler. Tiger Rugby then took the lead as JP Eloff spotted a gap in the defense and raced in for the try. Eloff has been impressive all weekend. He was a player heading into the match that could have put himself back on the Eagles radar with a good showing. He'll have competition but he certainly put his hand up. At halftime Tiger Rugby lead 12-5.

Tiger Rugby starting the second half with a strong defensive effort that earned a turnover. That eventually led to a try with Stryffeler grabbing his second of the match. Eloff would then nearly add to his tally with a long run but a fantastic defensive effort from Jonathan Poole prevented the try. However, Sebastian Kalm would get a try just minute later to deliver the win.

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