Thursday, August 10, 2017

Club 7s Nationals Women's Preview

With the Women's World Cup going on it's going to change the composition of this weekend's Club 7s Nationals. Some teams that would have a bevvy of star players are going to be missing out making for greater parity. We thought we'd take a look at each pool and offer some predictions.

Pool A: Scion, Life West, Glendale Raptors, Tempe Ninjas

This is the pool of death. There are three teams in here that have a legitimate chance at taking home the top prize but only two are going to make it into the Cup round. Scion were very, very strong in the Mid-Atlantic this year on their way to the number one seed. That said, they are going to miss Kimber Rozier who is their engine. Life West will also be missing the likes of Jordan Gray. These teams have a lot of depth that they can use to make up for missing some players but it's still a role they have to fill. The Raptors have flown under the radar this summer without a lot of strong regional competition but they have depth. 

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Pool B: New York, Philadelphia, Chicago Lions, Austin Valkyries

On the surface New York and the Chicago Lions are the clear favorites in Pool B. The Lions swept their way through the tough Midwest while New York did the same in the Atlantic North. Both regions have produced solid teams in recent years and it wouldn't be a shock to see them in the final. It's possible that Philadelphia and Austin could make some noise but they are likely to finish third and fourth in the pool. 

Pool C: ARPTC, San Diego Surfers, Atlanta Harlequins, Beantown 

The ARPTC and San Diego look to be the favorites but if there is a pool with the potential for some upsets it's Pool C. The Surfers are probably decimated by World Cup call-ups the most but like other teams in similar circumstances they have depth. The question is whether that depth is enough to hold off challenges from the Harlequins and Beantown. The ARPTC should qualify for the Cup without difficultly. 

Pool D:
Atavus, NOVA, Orlando, Minneapolis

Atavus are the favorites in Pool D. They have also lost some players to the World Cup but they may have the most depth in the country. Remember, this is a team that has earned national championships at multiple levels (they are mainly using Seattle Saracens players). It will be very interesting to see who takes the other Cup quarterfinal spot. NOVA have been very strong in recent years as have Minneapolis (playing at Youngbloodz). Who ever wins their head to head match-up will almost certainly make it through. 

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