Sunday, August 13, 2017

Atavus Claim Club 7s Championship

Whether they are called Atavus or the Seattle Saracens the team from the Pacific Northwest has put together a great string of results over the last few years capped off by 26-14 win over the San Diego Surfers for the Club 7s Championship.

Atavus was the first to strike in the final as Jennine Duncan powered over the line. The conversion made it 7-0 four minutes into the match. San Diego responded with a good spell of possession and was slowly able to work their way down the pitch. However, the Atavus defense was too strong and they earned the knock on. Still, Atavus could only hold on so long and after a series of great passes the ball was into the hands of Kelsi Stockert who powered over to even the score at halftime.

The second half started with speedster Erica Legaspi putting in an amazing rugby to restore the advantage for Atavus. Unfortunately they didn't help themselves a minute later as Duncan was shown a yellow card for a high tackle. It also resulted in a questionable penalty try. 14-14. Staying patient Atavus came right back to score another try, this time via Lauren Barber. The conversion was off the post and Atavus led 21-14 with two minutes to go. More mistakes from San Diego led to possession from Atavus that killed off the match. Duncan scored one last try.

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To reach the final Atavus had a tough match-up against the ARPTC in the quarterfinals. They emerged with a 21-12 win. They then beat Life West 19-14 in a rematch of the Pacific North final. San Diego beat NOVA in the quarterfinals and defending champion Scion in the semi-finals.

In the other brackets New York made up for their earlier disappointment by beating the ARPTC. The Glendale Merlins beat Orlando for the Bowl, and Minneapolis beat Atlanta for the Sheild

Cup Quarterfinals

Atavus 21-12 ARPTC
Life West 22-12 Chicago Lions
San Diego 15-7 NOVA
Scion 14-5 New York

Cup Semi-finals

Atavus 19-14 Life West
San Diego 14-10 Scion

Cup Final/3rd Place

Life West 5-0 Scion (3rd)
Atavus 26-14 San Diego

Plate Semi-finals

APRTC 36-7 Chicago Lions
New York 20-7 NOVA

Plate Final

New York 19-12 ARPTC
Chicago over NOVA (7th Place)

Bowl Quarterfinals

Glendale 24-7 Philadelphia
Austin 29-0 Tempe
Beantown 19-14 Minneapolis
Orlando 17-15 Atlanta

Bowl Semi-finals

Glendale 24-5 Beantown
Orlando 29-7 Austin

Bowl Final

Glendale 26-12 Orlando
Beantown over Austin (11th Place)

Shield Semi-finals

Minneapolis 19-14 Philadelphia
Atlanta 19-0 Tempe

Shield Final

Minneapolis 29-7 Atlanta
Philadelphia 26-5 Tempe (15th Place)

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