Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Western Club 7s Qualifiers Recap

Several more teams from the West have punched their tickets to the Club 7s Nationals.


Rugby Utah could rest easy over the weekend having already clinched a spot at Nationals thanks to two first place finishes in the first two tournaments of the Frontier series. The biggest question in Lincoln over the weekend was whether the Denver Barbarians or the KC Blues would take the other spot. Both have very strong national resume with deep runs in past tournaments.

The Blues won their first two matches in pool play which set up a match against Utah. Unfortunately for them it didn't go their way as they lost 24-21 to Rugby Utah. That meant that it would be the Barbarians, who were victorious in their semi-final, who would book at trip to Minneapolis. The Barbarians will be loaded with a lot of very strong talent on their roster, including Nick Boyer, Michael Al-Jiboori, Max De Achaval, Kevon Williams, and Cody Melphy.

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Red River

Like the Frontier, The Red River was also down to three teams for two spots. The Austin Huns, Austin Blacks, and the Dallas Reds were all tied after winning a tournament a piece. In the end it would come down to who could make the final at the Cowtown 7s. The home field advantage proved to give the Reds and edge as they beat the Huns 35-21 in the final. Both the Reds and the Huns will advance to the Club 7s Nationals.

The Reds had another advantage as they had an easier semi-final thanks to their play in pool play. That meant that they easily beat Lonestar. The other semi-final was down to the two Austin clubs. The Huns won that one 26-12.

Pacific South

Belmont Shore simply had to play in the Santa Monica 7s to claim a Nationals berth. The real race was between OMBAC and Santa Monica. The Dolphins came up with wins over Belmont Shore and OMBAC. OMBAC would also lose in the semi-finals which meant that Santa Monica would join Belmont Shore. Santa Monica won the tournament.

Santa Monica 7s--July 22nd

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