Thursday, July 20, 2017

USARL Round Six Recap

The New York Knights have maintained their unbeaten streak moving to 6-0 on the season. The Atlanta Rhinos also are unbeaten but in a different kind of way. The Knights had no trouble with the Philadelphia Fight 48-16 to lead the North Conference. They hold a two point lead over the Brooklyn Kings who beat White Plains 42-18 who are in third place. Other winners from the north include Boston and Northern Virginia. The North Conference has two more weekends of regular season play.

In the South Conference the Atlanta Rhinos drew with the Tampa Mayhem 30-30. That keeps Atlanta unbeaten and they will finish at the top of the table. Central Florida beat Jacksonville. The playoffs in the south are set with Atlanta facing Central Florida and Tampa playing Jacksonville. The south will take the weekend off while the USA Hawks take on Jamaica in Jacksonville.

North Conference

Brooklyn 42-18 White Plains
Boston 114-12 Rhode Island
New York 48-16 Philadelphia
Northern Virginia 66-18 Delaware

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South Conference

Atlanta 30-30 Tampa
Central Florida 34-22 Jacksonville

Week Seven Schedule

White Plains vs. Rhode Island
Boston vs. Delaware
Northern Virginia vs. Philadelphia
New York vs. Brooklyn

Hawks vs. Jamaica Reggae Warriors

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