Tuesday, July 11, 2017

USARL Round Five Recap

Through five rounds the New York Knights have kept their record perfect. They registered a 42-36 win over Northern Virginia. It was one of their closest results of the season. The Brooklyn Kings kept themselves two points behind New York in the standings with a 104-0 demolition of Rhode Island. White Plains are third in the standings despite losing to Boston 30-24. The win puts Boston off the bottom of the table. Northern Virginia, Delaware, and Philadelphia are all tied in the standings. Philadelphia beat Delaware 40-20.

Down South, Atlanta topped Central Florida 48-26. They also kept their record perfect. Jacksonville beat Tampa 40-6. There are two weeks left in the regular season for the South and three weeks for the North.

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Boston 30-24 White Plains
Brooklyn 104-0 Rhode Island
Philadelphia 40-20 Delaware
New York 42-36 Northern Virginia


Atlanta 48-26 Central Florida
Jacksonville 40-6 Tampa

Week 6 Schedule

White Plains vs. Brooklyn
Atlanta vs. Tampa
Rhode Island vs. Boston
Philadelphia vs. New York
Jacksonville vs. Central Florida
Delaware vs. Northern Virginia

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