Thursday, July 6, 2017

Report: Pro12 Expanding To D.C.

Another report linking the Pro12 expansion to the United States has emerged. Extremely reputable Scottish journalist Iain Morrison notes that a Pro12 team based in Washington, D.C., seems like for the 2018-19 season. The team would come on the heels of the Pro12 adding the Cheetahs and the Kings for the upcoming season. That is still not confirmed but the rumors are gaining traction with both the Cheetahs and Kings likely to be axed from Super Rugby.

The D.C. team would play at the new soccer stadium being built in the heart of the District. Morrison also notes that former Eagle fullback Paul Sheehy will be involved in backing the team. You can find a profile of Sheehy here. He also owns car dealerships.

The main obstacle to a U.S.-based team would be travel. With the two South African franchises thrown in that would be a lot of travel for a lot of teams. There are ways to mitigate that to some extend but the fact is players that think traveling from Ireland to Italy is a long way are going to have to make at least two cross-continental trips. 


  1. Any word if a Canadian team will join, that would help cut down on cost. Would be good to have both teams travel together to the different countries, one team plays one S.Africa while the other plays the other team, then switch fly back or fly together to Italy. Each union can split the cost 50/50

  2. Great idea on Canadian team. Makes a lot of sense. I'm more concerned about the SA teams in the league. That makes the least amount of sense. Probably 2 teams in the Americas is the best to limit travel and expand tv market.

  3. For years the ongoing debate in South African rugby is which region they are better aligned with. South Africa and Europe are in the same time zone and that makes a world of difference when talking about TV markets.