Thursday, July 20, 2017

Opening Kick

Opening Kick is a segment devoted to bringing you all Eagles and U.S.A. Rugby news in one location. It is brought to you everyday by Rugby Marketplace, your independent rugby store

National Teams/MLR/ODAs:

The Houston Chronicle has photos and a recap of the Houston Strikers' tryouts.

Eagle Garrett Bender has a pretty good highlight reel.


This may be one of the best things you see all week: Bill Murray visited injured Cal player Robert Paylor.

The City of Glendale has rebranded all of their non-MLR sides as the Merlins.

Take the jump to read more.

Grand Canyon University has joined the DI-A as an independent.

Alex Goff says that Delaware are ready to break out.

Rugby League:

The Hawks have named their squad to take on the Jamaica Reggae Boys in Jacksonville.

Only seven games now separate the Toronto Wolfpack from promotion.


Fiji are pushing for a spot in Super Rugby

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